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Internet Safety Pledge for kids and teens

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Cassandra Jacobs - Executive Vice President

Cassandra Jacobs is our Vice President and Senior Internet Safety Advocate for the WHOA Kids Teen Division.

Cassandra has a bachelor's degree in computer science and is currently in the process of completing a masters. Her interest in cyberstalking and online harassment came as a result of being a target in the past as well as being an active participant in message boards and online forums. She's had a wide and varied career, usually centered around some sort of computer work, such as software engineering, web application development, private investigation, and computer forensic technician. She holds a number of certificates in various fields of computer crime investigation as well as computer forensic training. She has over twenty years of experience with many types of online communities, ranging from the early message boards on local dial-up BBS' and Usenet to mailing lists, message forums and online gaming.

She is currently a Canadian expat, located in the amazing city of San Francisco, where she spends her time cycling, reading, and playing video games (while working in between). She currently resides with three amazing cats.