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Uncle Jim Mayer - Spokesperson

Jim Mayer is the bassist of Jimmy Buffett's band. Also known as "Uncle Jim", he writes award winning children's songs and has been performing for kids since 2002. He really is an uncle too! He has twenty neices and nephews, so he knows what kids are like and what they want to hear.

Uncle Jim wrote a song for two young girls called "Shoe Me the Light". Read more about it and listen to the song.

Uncle Jim has received multiple awards for his music and performances. He has recently put together a show about bullying and teaches the following principles:

  • Empowerment through RESPONSIBILITY
  • Empowerment through OBSERVATION
  • Empowerment through CHOICE
  • Empowerment through KNOWLEDGE

    He wants kids to know about the three R's of bullying! Recognize, Refuse, and Report!

    This is an original recording Jim made for kids called "Zip My Lip"!

    Hi everybody, Uncle Jim here. I want to thank the good folks at and (Kids and Teen Division) for all the powerful work they do and for asking me to be their spokesperson! I feel honored to join with a group that has had a huge impact in providing guidance and structure in a mysterious and sometimes frightening landscape. A special welcome and thank you for all of your support for my work, first as a member of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band, and also for my Uncle Jim Rocks Family and Anti-Bullying projects. ( Over the years I have searched for ways that I can make a difference in this world of ours. Music has been one of the tools I feel blessed to share.

    I look forward to joining in to the dialog with by sharing some things I have come to understand, and that is how to make "a better life and a better child" by engendering a sense of dignity and respect in all members of the family, and our community. I have a wealth of friends, family and advisors who have taught me how wonderful life can be when we combine logic with skillful caring. I'd like to extend what has been so abundantly given to me and share a joyful approach to learning and living with you my fans, friends, and with parents and teachers, we are all the guardians of today's children. Let's work together to make a better life for each other and a better child!

    If you have any ideas or comments that might help bring this concept to a higher level let me hear from you at And remember IM4U.

    Uncle Jim

    Click here to learn more about his IM4U anti-bullying workshops.

    Uncle Jim will be talking about WHOA-KTD in his performances and urging kids and teens to come here for help if they're finding themselves in trouble with bullying. We are happy to have Jim on board with us!

    If you want to read more about Uncle Jim, visit his website at If you'd like to contact Uncle Jim here at WHOA-KTD, his email address is