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cyber bullying abuse

Shelby, 8th grade, New Hampshire

There is more to every one of us than everyone else knows.
Just because you think you know someone
Doesn't give you a reason to degrade them.

Selfishness, loneliness, depression are things we all experience.
Being told you aren't good enough,
Getting nothing in return
Causing all of your emotions to spiral downward.

There is absolutely no reason
To make someone feel
Unwanted, helpless, or sad.

When you bully people
Tease them about their insecurities,
Taunt them about their height,
Gossip about their faults,
Or just hurt their feelings,
You are only bringing yourself down.

Who wants to be friends with a bully?
Someone who has a reputation of starting rumors and harassing people,
Or someone who can't keep a secret and always starts meaningless drama.

Even Webster's agrees with me.
Bully: a blustering browbeating person, especially one habitually cruel to others who are weaker

Help people up.
You want people to change, don't you?
Aren't we the new generation?
We need to take responsibility.
We need this to stop.

Simply think before doing it,
Before pushing people into lockers,
Calling people names
Talking behind old friends' backs
Changing seats when someone sits near you,
Threatening people
Leaving rude comments on peoples profiles
Even jokingly it can hurt someone.

Would you want to be abused at school?
Tormented with inhumane words.
If you heard a rumor about you, how would you feel?
To be excluded from everything and left to fend for yourself.
Being afraid and intimidated are not good feelings.
Anywhere at all, from your phone or computer, even in your own room,
Your only sanctuary
The walls close in and you can't escape.

Don't start it,
But do something about it.
Try to stop it.
Just tell an adult.
You could save someone.

Don't let anyone get in trouble,
Stop it
Before it's too late.

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