Safety brochure for parents

Safety brochure for kids and teens

Internet Safety Pledge for Parents/Guardians

Internet Safety Pledge for kids and teens

Facebook Guidelines for Parents

cyber bullying abuse

What Whoa-KTD can and can't do to help you

What we can do

If you are being harassed or stalked online, we can help. WHOA-KTD's volunteers are available to help trace messages and to give you advice on who to contact, how to proceed, and how to increase your safety online. If necessary, we will contact system administrators and others in position of authority on your behalf in order to request that they take action to stop the abuse. We are also available to work with law enforcement personnel on specific cases or for general training and education regarding internet crime. Sometimes, simply talking to someone who has been in a similar situation and is willing to listen and give you feedback is a relief.

What we can't do

We are not cybercops. We are not attorneys. We have no legal authority to make someone stop contacting you and we will not contact any harasser directly on your behalf.

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