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In Memory of Phoebe - WHO@-KTD's Official Mascot and a Cyber Crime Dog

Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog needs your help!

We are sad to report that Phoebe died on April 8, 2016 of a brain tumor. She had just turned nine years old in December. It was very sudden and we are saddened that she is gone. Her family is still paying off vet bills, so please click on the link to their GoFundMe page above to help them out. Her Facebook page is still up and will be for the foreseeable future. Thank you to all of you who knew her amd were touched by her. She is greatly missed.

A big congrats to Phoebe the Cyber Crime Dog! She appeared in the Winter/Holiday issue of The American Dog magazine. Good job Phoebe, we are very proud of you!

Update: You can read Phoebe's article here!

Phoebe is WHO@-KTD's Official Mascot and a Cyber Crime Dog! She is also a certified pet therapy dog.

She came from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in December of 2009 when she was adopted by WHO@-KTD President Jayne A. Hitchcock and her husband, Chris.

Phoebe used to be a sled dog and her team, named after the characters on the TV show "Friends," won many races.

Instead of living outdoors 24 hours a day, Phoebe was spoiled rotten! She went to York Hospital in Maine to visit patients and volunteered with her mom at the Salvation Army and other places.

"I sniff out cyberbullies!"

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Bottom 3 photographs ©Lisa Bettencourt Breathless Focus Photography